Floral & Décor Styling

Floral arranging is one of the oldest art forms used to express emotion.

Flowers are often referred to as “loves trusted language” as it has been used through centuries to express love. This age old tradition still lives on and is universally understood & practiced among cultures all over the world.

Collaborating with you on every aspect of your event, whether it’s flowers for table settings to boutonnieres & bouquets, ceremonies or receptions. We are self-confessed perfectionists and are passionate about flowers, interesting textures & beautiful colours that we combine to create bespoke floral & décor designs for the ultimate wedding.

Styling in full bloom

Our passion and love for floral & décor styling is deeply rooted in every creation. 

Our attention to detail, creativity, originality and timeless designs make each event gorgeously unique & eye-catching. We aim for a polished yet unstructured floral feel & to make each event unforgettable. While we love to create decadent, innately stylish arrangements, we also love simplicity where we focus on the beauty of the bloom.

Always going the extra mile to use all the details, texture & colour that nature provides. 

Sourcing only the best...





O'hara Roses




Very few non-indigenous flowers are still grown in the open within South Africa; most are grown under either plastic or shade nets.

We import 90% of the flowers we use as many locally sourced varieties do not last as long…

O'hara Roses

All roses are beautiful but the O’hara rose is the full package – beauty, fragrance and a long vase life. Their blooms have a glorious fragrance – a honeyed old rose with notes of a sweet fruity scent. 

New modern cut rose varieties hardly feature any trace of scent. This is because most commercially grown flowers have had their scent gene genetically removed to increase their durability & longevity. O’hara roses have their scent gene firmly intact just as nature intended! 

O’hara roses are magnificently aromatic and will bring that touch of class to any bouquet and setting! The O’hara rose is often referred to as the “wedding rose”. 

Kenya is well known throughout the world for their high quality blooms, in particular, their O’hara roses. Their favourable climate conditions and altitude location allow for year-round production of some of the most beautiful roses. Other cut rose varieties are available within South Africa, but none compare to the O’hara rose grown in Kenya.